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Why Did My Cat Bite Me First, Then Lick Me?

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If you have one or more cats, this situation has certainly happened to you before: your cat is quietly licking you … and all of a sudden it bites you! What happened? Did he not like your little massage? What happened to him that he bit you like that? But why is my cat biting me?


Why Does My Cat Bite Me and Then Lick Me?

Sometimes you won’t think about your cat’s behaviour, especially when they caress or bite you and then lick you straight. This behaviour of cats is very common as it is seen as a sign of love rather than aggression. What your cat friend is trying to tell you, they love you, is a way to give you a kiss!

Sometimes their cat kisses can look more like a bite or a sharp pinch that can hurt. Remember not to be angry with the cat as you can confuse the poor pussy. If your cat friend falls in love strongly, don’t just be strong and say “No”! Over time, the cat will realize that it is still good to show affection, but not cause you pain.

The reason they behave this way is not to hurt you, they just kiss as if they would normally kiss another cat. Because cats have thick fur and their nerve endings in the skin are not as close to the surface of the skin as we do, they need to be pressed harder to express their love.

For a cat, this kind of love is acceptable, but as a pet owner, it is not the most enjoyable experience. To stop this type of behaviour, you can teach your cat not to bite, although it may take some time, patience, and perseverance before you can master the habit or stop it altogether.


How Should You React To Your Cat’s Biting and Licking?

While most cats enjoy attachment, try not to caress them too much as this can excite them too much. An overly excited kitten will show many signs of a fairy tale, such as growling, rubbing at you, sucking and a stiff tail that can vibrate. Too excited cats usually can’t control their emotions, so be prepared if the cat wants to kiss you.

Make sure you look at their tail first when you approach the cat, as its tail is like a mood detector. Don’t forget if their tail vibrates with excitement, avoid contact as you may end up with a bite of love.

Approach the cat when its mood is good, their tail will look calm and only the tip will move gently. On the other hand, if they are dissatisfied, the tail will slip from side to side, it is always better to avoid contact with them until they are back in a better mood.

You can live in harmony with your cat, just try to know about their mood swings and if they bite and lick you (kiss), and remember there is a way to say I love you.

In extreme cases, castration may be considered. This practice helps to calm the animal and optimize its sociability. This operation causes behavioural problems in the animal, since scratching is a natural gesture, it will continue to do so even without its claws.

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