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This is How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

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If you put a dog’s food down while it is on your grunt or crackle, it’s called food aggression or food storage. This can have serious consequences for your relationship with the dog, as well as his relationship with you and your family.

What is Dog Food Aggression?

Aggression for food is a behaviour that is often seen in young, uneducated dogs.

Owning food represents survival in canines. The dog defends what he considers his good or his due, and this can be exerted on the humans as on his congeners. Unfortunately this attitude destabilizes the owners.

An aggressive dog who protects his bowl can be scary and dangerous. When a family member tries to get close to their food, the dog tries to put them where they belong by showing their teeth or growling. It will play a protective role with its food.

Often such behaviour needs to be learned from the animal, otherwise it will continue indefinitely. Dogs have an instinctive need to store food. This usually does not occur because the dog primarily trusts its owner. However, sometimes this instinct occurs in dogs and can be dangerous to you and your family if you leave one. The dog must learn not to be threatened when he is fed.

Steps to Stop Dog Food Aggression

If you are teaching a dog about food aggression, you are angry or violent about your training habits, then he may tend to become aggressive backwards by interfering with the training process.

During these periods of aggression, hitting or using a leash to distract the dog from his food can make him even more agitated and dangerous for both.

Food aggression will not go away overnight, but by continuing to be patient and work with the animal, the problem can be solved. Routine is the best solution to this problem. Using certain stimuli that tell the dog it’s time to eat doesn’t have to worry or fret.

When performing this procedure, make sure that there are no disturbances in the room such as children or other animals. Another passing animal or passing child can become a quick step back in training for food aggression.

When you are going to feed the dog, tell him to sit down. Make him wait for you to help the food. He has to learn that you are the master, and he has to wait for you.

If you can force him to start eating only after performing a voice command, this is a great move, although some may be asked for too much at first.

If you train your puppy, it will be a little easier because he will walk, caress and praise while he is eating. If he grumbles, pat him and tell him not to take his food. Only work for a week or two by following these steps.

For older dogs, try dropping a treat or a treat – a treat that is tastier than his dog’s food. In doing so, he will learn that the people around him are a good thing.

This is a good place to start. The next steps can be taken along the way, but it is this foundation that you want to create. With slow progress, food aggression will no longer be a problem for a short time.

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