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Appaloosa is the Most Beautiful Breed of Horse in the World

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Appaloosa horse

Like all American breeds, the ancestors of Appaloosa horses originated from horses brought to the American continent by the conquistadors. Among these were spotted horses.

In fact, in the early 1700s, horses arrived in North America on the territory of the Nez Perce Indians who selected and raised the first Appaloosa horses. The qualities sought then were power, endurance and speed. The Indians also appreciated horses with colourful coats, with little horsehair. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the name Appaloosa appeared, in reference to the Palouse River

In 1877, the Indian Chief Joseph lost a war resulting in the capture of the herd of horses of the Nez-Perce tribe, the latter then being left in the wild or resold. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, enthusiasts of the breed set out in search of the descendants of the horses selected by the Nez-Percés, bringing together similar characteristics in terms of coat color, bone structure, hardiness and horsehair. 


So, here is why you should choose this special breed of horse:


It Is a Unique Horse

First reason to prefer the Appaloosa. Who does not know the legendary spotted dress of the Appaloosa? It is due to the “leopard” gene, which not only gives it its particular colour but also the striated hooves, the white eye contour and the mottling around the mucous membranes. 

And imagine that there is not a single dress but dozens. All of these characteristics make each Appaloosa horse unique, much like zebra stripes! And we would not be surprised to find this breed in the ranking of the most popular elsewhere…


It Is an Atypical Horse

Who says unique says atypical! It must be admitted that some Appaloosa faces are vastly different! Between those who always look dirty because of their tasks and those who are half nutty, half cloud of milk (yum), we do not know where to turn! What to delight riders in search of atypical!


Appaloosa Is a Brave Horse

Hey yes, the Appaloosa is basically a war horse! The kind of war with bows and arrows and feathers, but still! Imported by the Spanish conquistadors, it was the indian tribe of Nez-Piercés (yeah, we think they really had their noses pierced) that chouraved them to the settlers.

 Then they learned to ride them, and used them to go and play cowboys and Indians! Today we no longer war too much on horseback, but the epic battles have left traces in the blood of these brave horses, which are still so courageous. Suddenly, that makes them very good cross-country horses for example!


Appaloosa Is a Placid Horse

Basically pure breed, the Appaloosa was crossed and re-crossed until it became the horse we know today. And the one we know today is basically cut from Quarter Horse, another American horse. Its main characteristic? Sweetness! Very calm and docile while being very responsive, the Appaloosa is a perfect horse for learning horse riding! One more reason to prefer the Appaloosa!


It Is a Strong Horse

As mentioned previously, the Appaloosa was the main means of locomotion of the American Indians. Whether to tow or to move, they had to cover huge distances just with their pretty little ridged hooves! And so it also remained, the Appaloosa kept this proven endurance! 


It Is a Faithful Horse

Without doubt one of the best reasons to prefer the Appaloosa! This is also the fault of their history with the Indians, who had only their cherished horses for playmates! They got used to the company of humans, and they liked it enough they stayed! And this is how we domesticate an easy cheesecake horse!



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