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How To Train A Horse?

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Equestrian sport requires both talent and physical fitness on the part of two athletes: the rider and the horse. Educating your horse involves communicating with your horse in order to develop its discipline. Dressage unites man and horse in the seemingly effortless execution of powerful choreography through almost invisible communication.


How To Train A Horse?

Dressage requires the rider and the horse to be athletes. As in any sports program, a coach is a precious ally, multiplying the hats: advisor, expert, “cheerleader.” »… But for the majority of riders, it is impossible to work every day with an instructor. Even a weekly lesson can be a luxury! This article is here to act as a coach when working alone or to teach you how to train a horse properly.

The first step on the road to dressage requires working as often as possible. You don’t turn a horse into an athlete by leaving it in the box or paddock. Neither did a rider. If you only climb once a week or even less, your muscle tone deteriorates and your balance suffers. This is when the riders stagnate in their progress, struggling with each session in the saddle to regain lost ground. If you don’t have time to climb an hour at a time, twenty minutes may be enough, consistency is what matters most. Four or five sessions per week is a good average. Involvement is the key.


How To Walk Along A Horse?

Lungeing with sliding reins helps horses to relax and build muscle without a rider on their back. You can also make it more difficult for them by asking them to make frequent transitions between the three gaits; you can also make them pass cavaletti or ground bars in a lunge.


How To Harness A Horse?

A horse must be trained to harness. The objective of the driving sessions is to make him accept the traction of a car. Usually there are several people behind the team, because in the event of a problem the horse must be reassured and another person must continue to take care of the team.

Several hitching techniques exist. The solo, two-horse or five-horse hitch. It goes without saying that a team with 5 horses requires a lot of experience from the driver.


How To Relax Your Horse?

Like any athlete, a horse needs at least a few minutes of warm-up to reach its optimum level of performance. Too many riders demand that their horse reach perfection the second they are in the saddle. It is unfair.

Your horse can only perform at his best if you have prepared his muscles and ligaments with intelligent relaxation. Young horses, in general, warm up and stretch quite quickly, while an older horse will need a little more time to relax and regain freedom of movement. You know your trigger has served its purpose when you feel your mount lengthen, gain more momentum, and chew on its bit. 

Playing with your horse can also integrate the sequence reserved for relaxation. In addition, games and relaxation exercises can promote the relationship between horse and man, building a relationship of trust and submission, and keeping the horse in tune with helpers.

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