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The 10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

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Herd of Horses

Symbols of power and freedom, horses are among the most appreciated animals on the planet. And even though all breeds are more majestic than the others, some, sometimes rare, list the most 10 beautiful horses in the world.



Appaloosa is a native breed of the northwestern United States. The great feature of these horses is to have a spotted dress. A favourite mount of the Indians near the Palouse River, the tribe lost most of its horses in 1877. As a result, the breed experienced a real decline for several decades.

But thanks to some curators, the race stud-book was created in 1938. Since the middle of the 20 century, many crossings with the Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds are made. This trio trains the breeds allowed in international Western riding competitions. Now, appaloosa is one of the most popular horse breeds in the United States, and is increasingly appealing to Western riders.


The Quarter Horse

It is the most popular breed of horses in the United States. It is also the largest breed registry in the world! Indeed, he excels in speed over short distances, more precisely over a quarter of a mile, or about 400 meters, that’s where he takes his name. Often associated with western discipline, the breed tends to become popular in other disciplines where it also knows how to perform.


The Pure Spanish Breed

Also known as Andalusia, the PRE stands out mainly for its good character and looks. Easily identifiable with its grey dress, its mastoc neckline and its mane that makes more than one rage, it is very often found in dressage and high school dressage. Moreover, it is also particularly present in shows or in the cinema like its neighbour the Lusitanian. In short, its elegance seduces many riders!


Arabian Thoroughbred

With an easily recognizable morphology, it is considered an improver of horse breeds. Originally from the Middle East, it is a breed of legend that is nicknamed “King of the Desert”. In addition, it is a strong and fast horse, which can be found mainly in endurance, show and hiking, but it is very versatile and appreciated by riders. We never tire of admiring it! 


English Thoroughbred

It is undoubtedly one of the best known and most widespread breeds of horses in the world. Indeed, his fame has been made on the racetracks. Currently, it is also found a lot in CSO, full competition and even western riding, especially in barrel races.
Moreover, some breeds come from crossbreeding with our next breed such as the French saddle, the king of French horses.



It is both a saddle horse and a light draft horse. Because of his black dress, he is nicknamed the black pearl. It is mainly used for entertainment and cinema because of its great elegance and charisma. In short, it’s the horse we love to have in his room.


The Percheron

The Percheron is the most common breed of French horses. Used during the conquest of the West and during the First World War, its power and robustness are its great qualities. It is now being used again for activities such hitching. In addition, these horses are very popular for hiking or walking activities, disciplines in which they prove themselves.


Paint Horse

Originally from North America, it has the same characteristics as the Quarter Horse, but with more colors! In the 1800s, it was found in the wild herds of the Great Plains of the United States with their flamboyant mottled robes. Quickly becoming the favorite mount of the American Indians, especially the Comanches, reputedly fine riders, the paint horse horses then seduced a wider population. Moreover, with a cold and docile mind, they are highly appreciated for their versatility.


The Akhal Teke

With its golden-glare dress, the Akhal-Teke is considered the most beautiful horse there is. Having become the symbol of Turkmenistan, where it is from, this magnificent horse is known for its robustness and incredible speed. However, it is very rare and the breed has only a few thousand individuals.


The French Saddle

The breed of French horses not to be missed is this one! Omnipresent on the competition courts and especially in CSO, it is the sports horse par excellence. Chances are you can easily name a few, right? So, Baloubet du Rouet, Orient Express, Blueberry Paulois, that doesn’t tell you anything at all?

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