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Understand Why Horses behave Differently When Riding For Different People

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Horses are particularly sensitive and know when someone is unsafe or confident when riding, and they behave accordingly. A horse that is very easy to ride for one person is not necessarily easy to ride or ride for another.

Horses sense people’s feelings and personality, and the skills of different horses vary and they will behave according to how much they have trained. A well-trained horse with a well-behaved intermediate rider can cause problems for a less experienced rider.

 Some horses also prefer one person and ride well only for that person. Horses are known can to be attached to their master and perform really well only for that person.


Characteristics of Horses

Horses are very smart. A horse can be advertised as a “babysitter” (good, calm, horse for beginners) because the owner knows it is a safe horse for a new or inexperienced rider; but the horse may behave inappropriately.

Some horses like to do things like popcorn while saddling, trying to eat grass while riding, refusing to move, or running with riders. Usually it’s not bad horses, they just know more about riding than the person who rides them, and show that skill by doing what they don’t usually avoid. In addition, horses can be the same as children in a variety of ways.


What Happens When Horses Get New Riders?

 When they get a new rider, they want to try that new rider to find out what they can get away with. They know the rules of their last rider, but may want to test whether the same rules apply to their new rider. They will often start with small things to find out if they will be blamed.

If their new rider does not correct such behaviour quickly, the horse will likely think that the other rules they use may not apply and he will start testing in larger ways.

Then there are horses that are just certain who ride them and don’t do so well to another rider, especially if they are attached to their regular rider. Their level of attention will probably not be very high if that is the case, and while they will do what is asked of them, they will not do the same, giving the horse and rider a harmonious look.


Is It Fine To Change Horse Riders?

Different horses and different riders are compatible; you will never get an inexperienced horse with an inexperienced rider, this is called over attachment and is dangerous for both the horse and the rider because the rider will lose confidence if he has an unpredictable horse that he cannot control.

It can also damage a horse, he will take away the harmful habits of an inexperienced rider that allow him to get away because he does not control the horse. Horses and riders need to be paired according to skill level and temperament.

A timid rider needs a calm, easy-to-manage horse. A flying, timid horse needs a calm, motionless rider. Try to avoid horses that exceed your skill level and competence. Learn more on the go.


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